Strategic Function 2: Strengthening Regional Planning and Policy Formulation

At the regional level, the COMESA Secretariat plays an important role in leading regional planning and policy dialogue processes as part of the COMESA region’s larger initiative to improve the enabling environment for agricultural trade and productivity enhancement. The Secretariat’s activities focus on two major areas:

Management of the Regional Compact Implementation Process
COMESA has adopted a regional approach to food security that promotes infrastructure development and harmonized policies that will enable the free flow of food commodities from surplus to deficit areas driven primarily by price incentives and market forces. Thus a COMESA Regional Compact is being developed to reinforce the development of long-term coordinated strategies for agricultural development in the region; strengthen and establish viable regional partnerships for sustainable agricultural growth, and enforce guidelines for ensuring commitment by regional stakeholders to the implementation of the Compact for increased agricultural productivity and production.

The Regional Compact will concentrate on strategic regional investments that individual countries, acting alone, cannot achieve. The investments, which will be trans-boundary in nature, will accelerate individual country agricultural growth by enabling them to benefit from regional spill-over and economies of scale in technology development, trade and investment. The overall implementation of the Regional Compact will be coordinated by the COMESA Secretariat. Individual programs will be implemented by technical lead institutions or by alliance or partnership structures that will be formed for the purpose of resource mobilization and program implementation. The regional CAADP implementation strategies will further focus on promoting the private sector involvement in agricultural investment, including the Public Private Partnerships (PPP) arrangements.

Regional Policy Analysis and Dialogue
As part of its overall Regional Compact coordination function, COMESA supports the program review process with analytical work in order to enhance evidence-based decision making. The Secretariat also facilitates regional policy dialogue around specific sub-sectors or emerging issues.

Strategic Function 1: Support to CAADP Implementation at National Level

Strategic Function 2: Strengthening Regional Planning and Policy Formulation

Strategic Function 3: Facilitating Monitoring and Evaluation of Regional Strategic Objectives and Targets

Strategic Function 4: Facilitating Regional Communication and Information Sharing

Strategic Function 5: Capacity Building at Regional and National Levels for CAADP Implementation

Strategic Function 6: Supporting Partnerships to fulfill Strategic Objectives