Strategic Function 6: Supporting Partnerships to fulfil Strategic Objectives

Partnerships play a crucial role in supporting implementation of the CAADP agenda. COMESA plays a role in improving existing partnerships and establishing new ones with organizations and centres of excellence at regional, continental, and global levels. Emphasis is placed on:

Developing partnerships with knowledge centres and pillar institutions. COMESA has developed more formal linkages with Pillar institutions and knowledge centres to facilitate the provision of technical assistance to CAADP implementation at national and regional level.

Deepening partnerships with private sector and farmer organizations. COMESA Secretariat has already established MOUs with the Eastern Africa Farmers Federation (EAFF) and the Southern Africa Confederation of Agricultural Unions (SACAU) and continue to collaborate with both institutions. COMESA also continues to expand and institutionalize linkages with private sector entities both at country and regional levels. In selected cases, COMESA provides financial support to build capacity within certain institutions and to facilitate the provision of certain services including facilitation of some institutions and farmer organizations to participate in various forums at national and regional levels.

Strengthening linkages and partnerships with other international institutions is pursued by COMESA with the aim of better positioning the Secretariat for resource mobilization and capacities for planning, management, negotiation skills in the CAADP Unit and in the Secretariat at large. Targeted missions and study trips and participation in relevant forums are undertaken by COMESA.

Strategic Function 1: Support to CAADP Implementation at National Level

Strategic Function 2: Strengthening Regional Planning and Policy Formulation

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Strategic Function 6: Supporting Partnerships to fulfill Strategic Objectives