Strategic Function 1: Support to CAADP Implementation at National Level

COMESA plays a key role at the national level to support implementation of CAADP by facilitating development of national policies and programmes. As part of the CAADP Round Table process, COMESA supports the establishment of CAADP implementation structures in the member states and facilitates formulation of CAADP aligned programmes, feasibility studies and investment costing of projects with the aim of assisting in the development and adoption of national CAADP compacts which are agreed to and signed by all key stakeholders. Key activities of the Secretariat in its support to the CAADP roundtable process are:

Providing pre-compact support in countries that have not yet finalized their national compacts
This includes financing for conducting stocktaking of the agriculture sector, analysis, validation workshops, and compact signing events. COMESA also finances support missions by Secretariat staff and pillar and other technical experts to countries in order to support country teams to prepare compacts and investment programmes. For countries that have not yet launched the CAADP process, support is provided to organize broad stakeholder sensitization activities to achieve full buy-in by key actors.

Providing post-compact support for countries following compact signing
The Secretariat supports a range of activities, including assisting CAADP country teams in developing detailed and fully costed National Agriculture and Food Security Investment Plans. COMESA coordinates the necessary technical assistance from specialized agencies, such as FAO and IFPRI, to develop more detailed and fully costed plans. Further, COMESA undertakes missions to facilitate and advocate for Compact implementation. COMESA also convenes periodic post-Compact review meetings at country level and undertakes joint missions to countries to participate in agriculture sector reviews and to support resource mobilization around the Compacts in conjunction with the African Union Commission (AUC) and NEPAD Planning and Coordinating Agency (NPCA).

Strategic Function 1: Support to CAADP Implementation at National Level

Strategic Function 2: Strengthening Regional Planning and Policy Formulation

Strategic Function 3: Facilitating Monitoring and Evaluation of Regional Strategic Objectives and Targets

Strategic Function 4: Facilitating Regional Communication and Information Sharing

Strategic Function 5: Capacity Building at Regional and National Levels for CAADP Implementation

Strategic Function 6: Supporting Partnerships to fulfill Strategic Objectives