Strategic Function 4: Facilitating Regional Communication and Information Sharing

COMESA facilitates communication and information sharing on CAADP implementation among stakeholders within the region. This includes sharing lessons learned and best practices among all key stakeholders involved in the CAADP process, including decision makers, private sector, farmer federations, civil society, and development partners. In particular, the COMESA communication activities focus on:

Development and dissemination of communication products. COMESA has developed a number of communication tools, such as this website, a monthly newsletter, brochures as well as quarterly and annual reports. Improving communication among COMESA CAADP stakeholders. COMESA also supports stakeholders within the member states to expand their communication and information sharing among themselves on key issues in the CAADP process. As part of the larger NPCA initiative to deepen knowledge of CAADP among communication professionals and journalists in particular, COMESA supports forums for communication professionals or journalists to sensitize them on CAADP.

Strategic Function 1: Support to CAADP Implementation at National Level

Strategic Function 2: Strengthening Regional Planning and Policy Formulation

Strategic Function 3: Facilitating Monitoring and Evaluation of Regional Strategic Objectives and Targets

Strategic Function 4: Facilitating Regional Communication and Information Sharing

Strategic Function 5: Capacity Building at Regional and National Levels for CAADP Implementation

Strategic Function 6: Supporting Partnerships to fulfill Strategic Objectives