CAADP Compacts

CAADP National Compacts are high level agreements and commitments between key stakeholders in the agriculture sector, including Governments, Farmer organizations, regional organisations, the private sector, civil society and development partners, for a focused implementation of CAADP within the respective countries. They are meant to detail programmes and projects that the various stakeholders can buy into and that address national priorities. They are also meant to define actions, commitments, partnerships and alliances and guide:

(i) country policy and investment responses;

(ii) planning of development assistance; and

(iii) public-private partnerships and business to business alliances to raise and sustain the necessary investments.

They contain clear articulation agreed-upon appropriate policies and strategies and investment plans, modalities of implementation defining roles and responsibilities of stakeholders and mechanisms for Monitoring and Evaluation, including Peer Reviews and Mutual Accountability.

Download CAADP compact by country